Transforming Fee Management for Schools and Educational Centers

Simplify Fee Payments with PayHub360

Discover the power of PayHub360, an advanced online payment portal designed for schools and educational centers. With its secure and efficient features, PayHub360 transforms fee management, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Experience seamless online payments, automated payment links, recurring fee management, and more with PayHub360.

Streamline Your School's Fee Collection

PayHub360 is your comprehensive online payment portal, revolutionizing fee collections for educational institutions in the UAE. Effortlessly automate key tasks, from online payments and instant payment links to subscription management and secure processing.

What PayHub360 Does

Online Fee Payment Portal

Streamline the collection of payments for educational institutions, including tuition and extracurricular activities, along with Parents NOC, effortlessly through one comprehensive portal.

Instant Payment Link Generation

Generate unique payment links instantly and embed them on your website, social media platforms, or email communications. Simplify the payment process for your clients and increase conversion rates.

Key Features of PayHub360

Automated Payment Links

Streamline your collection process with easy-to-create payment links, significantly reducing manual efforts.

Instant Online Payments

Facilitate swift fee payments with our user-friendly portal, ensuring instant invoicing and peace of mind.

Digital Consent Forms

Allow parents to sign consent forms for extracurricular activities digitally, making the process quick and hassle-free.

Instant Payment Links

Create payment links instantly for tuition, activities, and more, directly from PayHub360.​

Efficient Fee Management

Enhance your financial operations with our optimized fee collection and invoicing system, designed for accuracy and efficiency.

Secure Payment Processing

Trust in our PCI-DSS compliant system to safeguard all transactions and protect your financial data.

Imports Bulk Invoice Data

PayHub360 allows you to import bulk invoice data with ease. No more tedious manual entry or copy-pasting from spreadsheets. Simply upload your data in a few clicks, and our system will take care of the rest.

Subscription Management

Automate your billing with our subscription management feature. Our software automatically bills your customers on a recurring basis, giving them a hassle-free experience and improving your cash flow management.

Customizable Payment Options

Customize your payment links with specific details, such as product descriptions, quantities, and prices. Tailor the payment options to meet your customers' needs and enhance their payment experience.

Automatic Payment Reminders

Keep payments on track with automated reminders, ensuring timely collections and a smoother financial cycle.

Analytics and Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your payment performance with our robust analytics and reporting tools. Monitor transaction trends, track sales, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your business operations.

Real-Time Payment Notifications

Stay informed about every payment made through your instant payment links with real-time notifications. Track transactions, reconcile payments, and maintain better control over your cash flow.

Solutions for Educational Institutions

Schools, Nurseries & Universities

Elevate your financial management with PayHub360’s specialized solutions for educational institutions. Our platform simplifies student fee collections, ensuring timely and accurate payments while reducing administrative workload. Experience seamless integration, real-time notifications, and comprehensive reporting designed to enhance operational efficiency.

Specialized Educational Centers (Music, Arts, Gym)

Transform your fee collection process with PayHub360 for activity centers. Our user-friendly online payment portal streamlines the entire process, from initial payment to final reconciliation. Automate your fee collections, reduce manual tasks, and enjoy a hassle-free experience that allows you to focus on providing top-quality programs and activities.

Elevate Your Educational Institution with PayHub360

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